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Natural Energy Worker
& Energy Soul Healer

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Connect with your Guides, Angels, and loved ones and reach your full potential.

Begin your spiritual journey today and discover your true self through Holistic Energy Healing, Oracle Card readings, Reiki, Subconscious Reprogramming and Medium Insights. 

I invite you to discover everything I have to offer...

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Your Spiritual Guide...

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Hi, my name is Vicki, I am a Holistic Energy Healer, Medium, Oracle Card Reader, Reiki Master Teacher & Subconscious Reprogrammer. 


I am led by Spirit within my work, working with Guides, Angels, & Loved Ones. My work is unique to your needs.

As a healer & teacher, I am here to listen and be able to help you understand your current situation better, to help you push past your energy blocks & internalised fears. In order to take you to the next level, reach your goals and your full potential by removing the blocks & aligning with your true self by healing.

My aim is to help you feel empowered, be more positive and have a sense of accomplishment. Giving you a more fulfilled life through my work with your mind, body & soul.


If you are not feeling well, feel you are not on the right path or you may be struggling with your health or mind, it is most likely there are energy blocks within your body. I am able to help release these energy blocks through the services I offer. Let's get started and we will free your flow of energy & leave you feeling uplifted. 


These can be identified and highlighted through card reading & certainly Soul Plan Reading. 


With my guidance, through Reiki and Subconscious reprogramming, I can help you to help yourself to become a much better version of you, developing a positive mindset and reaching your goals in life. 


We can work towards easing physical pain, money worries, anxiety, fear, weight loss, bad habits, fibromyalgia, depression, drinking & smoking and much more. Find out what is stopping you from reaching your full potential. 


As a master Reiki teacher, I am able to guide you into the world of Reiki relaxation. If you would like to become a Reiki expert, let me help you along your journey.

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Packages & Plans

Let Vicki guide you through Reiki Relaxation, Full Moon Release meditation and New Moon Intention Setting meditation.

All of the events can be booked individually but why not treat yourself to one of our event packages? You can subscribe to monthly payments, get a great discount on the events and make sure you never miss a session again.


You can choose to sign up monthly or purchase your package in advance for the biggest savings.

Visit the event schedule page to check out all of the great plans.

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