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Twelve Week Healing Journey

A transformative journey that can help you reclaim your power

What to Expect...

Have you been feeling lost, confused, or like something is just missing in your life? You are not alone. I am here to help guide you on a twelve-week journey to inner healing and freedom. This program includes a soul plan reading, six deep soul one-to-one sessions, three angelic reiki healing sessions, eight mixed meditation group sessions, and group support. ⟢ Soul Plan Reading Your soul plan reading will help you understand your life's purpose. This is achieved by looking at your birth name and date which creates a spread of numbers, I will interpret their meanings and what they say about you. This is an important first step in helping you discover who you are meant to be in this lifetime. ⟢ Six Deep Soul Inner Freedom Sessions These sessions will help you to release any blocks that are holding you back from living your best life. We will dive deep into your subconscious to find the root cause of these blocks and begin the process of clearing them so that you can move forward with confidence and ease. ⟢ Three Angelic Reiki Healing Group Sessions Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that uses hands-on healing. Angelic Reiki specifically uses the energy of the angels to promote healing of the mind, body, and spirit. These sessions are done in a group setting. ⟢ Eight Guided Mixed Meditation Group Sessions In these guided meditation sessions, we will be using a mix of techniques from different meditative traditions in order to allow you to find the practice that works best for you. We will also be incorporating breathwork, visualisation, and mindfulness exercises into these sessions so that you can learn multiple tools to use in your meditation practice long after our time together has ended. ⟢ Group Support One of the most important aspects of healing is having a supportive community around you that understands what you are going through. In our support group, you will be able to connect with others who are on a similar journey and share your experiences with one another in a safe and supportive space. The Twelve-Week Healing Journey is designed to help you heal on a deep soul level so that you can live your best life possible. If you have been feeling lost or stuck, this journey may be exactly what you need to reclaim your power and rediscover who you are meant to be. Are you ready to get started on your healing journey? Book for your twelve-week healing journey today.


Cancellation Policy

· To cancel or reschedule please contact us at least 36 hours before your scheduled appointment. · Appointments cancelled within 36 hours of the scheduled time can not be refunded but may be scheduled for another time.

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Church Street, Donington, Spalding, UK

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